Professional experience

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

Director of IT
2016 - present
Software Engineer
2015 - 2016

Woods Hole Research Center

Research Assistant
2012 - 2015

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Engineer Assistant


Hobart College

B.S. Computer Science
2008 - 2012
B.A. Environmental Studies


Rebuilding Together Lincoln County

Board of Directors

Hobart and William Smith Emergency Medical Service


Global Partnerships for Health and Education

Web Developer

Technical skills

Programming & Database

Python • Java • C • R • Shell (bash) • PostgreSQL • MySQL

Web Programming

HTML • Pug • CSS (Sass, Less) • JavaScript (JQuery) • PHP • PostgreSQL (MySql, MariaDB)


Apache • NGINX • GIT • GitHub • GitLab


Red Hat Enterprise Linux • CentOS • Fedora • Ubuntu • MacOS • Windows (desktop and server)


Juniper Switches • Cisco Firewall • Palo Alto Networks Firewall • NetApp SAN • SGI High Performance Computers • Aruba WAPs


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