Kevin Guay studied computer science and environmental studies at Hobart College. Passionate about environmental issues, Kevin has spent his career at small, non-profit research organizations focused on terrestrial and marine ecosystems. He has published several peer-reviewed papers in academic journals and written chapters in scientific books. His background in computer science and expertise in Linux systems, made him an ideal candidate to run Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science’s IT department. At Bigelow, you might find Kevin writing policies, developing applications, or configuring a new high performance computer.

Kevin lives with his wife in Brunswick, Maine and enjoys making shaker-style furniture in his free time. When he’s not in his woodshop, Kevin enjoys rock climbing, canoeing, spoon carving, and playing board games.


I have been working with wood since I was a kid, but recently I dove head first into fine woodworking and furnituremaking. I haven’t looked back. I particularly enjoy building shaker-style and shaker-influlenced furniture. The design philosophy of “form follows function” resonates with me.

I discovered Fine Woodworking Magazine at my local library and started ingesting the information one issue at a time. I discovered that by reading so much about how to build fine furniture, that I skipped right over the not-so-fine furniture that many people start with. By the time I got my first dovetail saw and cut my first set of [far from perfect] dovetails, I was not intimated because I had read so much on technique. I got by with a simple set of tools in the second bedroom of our small apartment for a year or two. By the time I had an opportunity to use a fully equipt shop, I knew how to use every machine to accomplish exactly what I wanted.